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the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia




The following description shall be considered a summary of legislation and state programmes in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia relating to migration only, and does not seek to address or provide any indication of the de facto practical implementation of the law or such programmes, or their compliance with international law and standards.

The Status of Foreigners

In the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (hereinafter referred to as “the State”), the status of foreigners is generally stipulated by the Constitution. Article 29 par 1 entitles foreigners to enjoy freedoms and rights guaranteed by the Constitution, under conditions established by law and international treaties and obliges them to respect the Constitution and laws (Article 51 par 2, which uses the phrase "[e]veryone is obliged to"). The 2006 Law on Foreigners (last amended in 2011) states that foreigners have the same rights and obligations as nationals/citizens, unless a law provides otherwise, and that foreigners are obliged to comply with the Constitution, laws, by-laws, as well as with obligations established by ratified international treaties (Article 4).



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