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Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Hungary (Hungarian version)

Added: 2006-03-09

01023402 5 00 x P00 x 000 JOL U78 6V8P ECB8 G FG8Z N 8A Q8 HA EQ 6V8P ECB8G NM M FG8Z S 00 x 00 x8 00 xC 00 x 00 xS 00 x 00 xQ800 x D00 x 000 00 x 00 x8 00 xC 00 x 00 xS 00 x 00 xQ800 x D00 x 000 00 x

Act on Asylum (1997, amended 2001)

Added: 2006-03-03
Hungary : Migration

Unofficial translation by UNHCR Hungary Act CXXXIX of 1997 on Asylum 1 Parliament Chapter I BASIC PROVISIONS Section 1 Section 2 For the purposes of this Act a refugee 2 The text as well as the immedi

Act on the Entry and Stay of Foreigners (2001)

Added: 2006-03-03
Hungary : Migration

Act XXXIX of 2001 on the entry and stay of foreigners Parliament guided by its commitment for the rule of law and the protection of human rights enacts the following Act in order to perform the obliga

Government Decree on the Implementation of Act on Entry and Stay of Foreigners (2001)

Added: 2006-03-03
Hungary : Migration

Government Decree No 170 2001 IX 26 On the Implementation of Act XXXIX of 2001 On the Entry and Stay of Foreigners Certification of Hungarian nationality Article In alien policing procedures Hungarian

Act on the Right of Association (1989)

Added: 2003-08-26
Hungary : Freedom of Association

ACT II OF 1989 ON THE RIGHT OF ASSOCIATION unofficial translation In order to ensure the implementation of the freedom of association in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and the Inte

Act IV on the Criminal Code (Chapter XV and XVII) (1978)

Added: 2002-08-05
Hungary : Elections

Act IV of 1978 on the Criminal Code excerpts Chapter XV Criminal offence against the fairness of public administration administration of justice and public life Criminal offence against the order of e

Penal Code (1999) (excerpts)

Added: 2002-08-05
Hungary : Trafficking in Human Beings

Penal Code excerpts Article 175 B Trafficking in Human Beings entered into force on 1 March 1999 1 Any person who sells purchases conveys or receives another person or exchanges a person for another p
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