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Act on Initiating Referendums, the European Citizens’ Initiative and Referendum Procedure (2013)

Added: 2013-01-01
Hungary : Elections / Referendum

Source http www valasztas hu Act CCXXXVIII of 2013 on Initiating Referendums the Europ and Referendum Procedure It is a constitutional basic principle that the people shall be the holder of the power

European Court of Human Rights - case of Fáber v. Hungary (2012)

Added: 2012-12-20
Hungary : Freedom of Peaceful Assembly

SECOND SECTION CASE OF F BER v HUNGARY Application no 40721 08 JUDGMENT STRASBOURG 24 July 2012 FINAL 24 10 2012 This judgment has become final under Article 44 2 of the Convention It may be subject t

Act on the rights of national and ethnic minorities (2005)

Added: 2012-09-25
Hungary : National Minorities

Unofficial translation Act LXXVII of 1993 on the Rights of Entry in force 25 November 2005 The National Assembly keeping up with the most noble traditions and values of Hungarian history in the spirit

Criminal Code of the Republic of Hungary (2012) (excerpts)

Added: 2012-07-13
Hungary : Counter-Terrorism

CRIMINAL CODE excerpts CHAPTER XXXOFFENSES AGAINST PUBLIC SECURITY Acts of TerrorismSection 314 1 Any person who commits a violent crime against the persons referred to in Subsection 4 or commits a cr

Criminal Code of the Republic of Hungary (2012) (excerpts)

Added: 2012-07-13
Hungary : Elections

Act C of 2012on the Criminal Code excerpts CHAPTER XXXIVCRIMINAL OFFENSES RELATED ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES Criminal Offences related to Elections Referendum Popular Initiative andEuropean Citizens In

Criminal Code of the Republic of Hungary (2012) (English version) (excerpts)

Added: 2012-07-13
Hungary : Trafficking in Human Beings

Act C of 2012 on the Criminal Code Crimes Against Humanity Section 143 1 Any persons who being part of a widespread or systematic practice a commits murder b forces the civilian population in part or

Act on the Parliamentary Commissioner for Civil Rights (1993, as amended 2007)

Added: 2012-04-26
Hungary : National Human Rights Institutions

Commissioner for Civil Rights 1 It shall be the duty of the Parliamentil Rights hereinafter Ombudsman to investigate or to have investigated any improprieties of constitutional rights he has become aw

Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Hungary (1998, amended 2011) (excerpts)

Added: 2011-07-13
Hungary : Fair Trial (Right to a)

Act XIX of 1998on Criminal Proceedings Right to court procedure and the right to remedySection 3 1 Everyone has the right to have the charge filed against him adjudicated by a court 2 It is the exclus

Criminal Code (excerpts)

Added: 2010-01-26
Hungary : Hate Crimes / Other Related Laws

Criminal Code of Hungary excerpts Incitement to hatred Dissemination of racist ideas 269 incitement against a community A person who incites to hatred before the general public against a the Hungarian

European Court of Human Rights - case of Vajnai v. Hungary (2008)

Added: 2008-07-10
Hungary : Freedom of Peaceful Assembly

EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS SECOND SECTION CASE OF VAJNAI v HUNGARY Application no 33629 06 JUDGMENT STRASBOURG 8 July 2008 This judgment will become final in the circumstances set out in Article 4
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