Decree of Presidium of the Supreme Body of the USSR "On the order of the organization and carrying out of assemblies, meetings, street processions and demonstrations in the USSR" (1988)

The Decree of Presidium of the Supreme Body of the USSR  "On the order of the organization and carrying out of assemblies, meetings, street processions and demonstrations in the USSR" of July, 28th, 1988 9306-ХI which is in force until acceptance of a corresponding act on this question, not contradicting the current legislation of Turkmenistan. The carrying out of an assembly, meeting, procession or demonstration should be done in the following manner:

    1) On carrying out of assembly, meeting, street procession or demonstration (activity) an application to the executive authority is required; with the application the representatives of bodies of public organizations, bodies of public amateur performance and separate groups of citizens who have reached eighteen years of age can address [the authorities].

    2) Application should be received in writing not later than ten days before the planned date of the activity. In the application should be indicated, the purpose, the form, place of carrying out of activities or routes of movement, time of start and finish, and prospective quantity of participants, the surnames, names, patronymics of representatives, organizers, places of their residence and work, study, and date of submission of the application.

    3) The agency of authority considers the application and informs regarding the decision not later than five days before the time of carrying out of the action. It has the right to offer the applicants another time and a place for carrying out the activity. The decision can be appealed against in higher executive and administrative body. The agency provides necessary conditions for carrying out of proposed activity.

    4) The activity should be carried out in accordance with the purposes specified in the application, and also at the indicated time and place. At the carrying out of the activity, organizers and other participants are obliged to observe laws,  public order. Participants are forbidden to have on their persons weapons, or specially prepared or adapted objects which can be used against a life and health of people, or for causing a material damage.

    5) State and public organizations, officials, citizens do not the right to interfere with assemblies, meetings, street processions and demonstrations carried out in accordance with indicated order.

    6) The Agency forbids activity if the purpose of its being carried out contradicts the Constitution or threatens public order and safety of citizens. The activity should be stopped on demand of representatives of authorities if the application has not been submitted, or the decision on prohibition of this action is accepted, and also in the case of infringement of the proposed order of being carried out, or occurrence of danger to the life and health of citizens, or breach of a public order.

    7) This order does not extend to assemblies and meetings of labour collectives and the public associations, carried out according to the legislation and their charters.