Criminal Code (1996, as amended 2004)

Republic of Macedonia


(1996, with implemented amendments from March 2004)




Legality in the determining of crimes and the prescribing of criminal sanctions

Article 1

Nobody can be sentenced to a punishment or some other penal sanction for an act, which before it was committed, was not determined by law to be a crime and for which no punishment was prescribed by law.

Fundaments and limits of criminal-legal coercion

Article 2

The protection of human freedoms and rights and of other basic values, and the implementation of criminal legal coercion, when this is within an extent that is necessary to prevent socially damaging activities, represent the fundament and limit for determining the crimes and the prescription of criminal sanctions.


Limitations in the execution of criminal sanctions

Article 5

An offender can be deprived or limited in certain rights in the execution of a criminal sanction only to the extent which corresponds to the nature and contents of this sanction, and only in a manner that provides respect of the offender's personality and his human dignity.