Changes in the Justice Ministry of Turkmenistan.

On 1 September, at a cabinet meeting, President Niyazov announced at a 1 September cabinet meeting that he is renaming the Justice Ministry and appointing a new minister. In the opinion of the President, the new name, Adalat ministrligy, using the Turkic word for justice instead of the international term, is meant to convey fairness, honor, and order, in addition to strict justice. He added also that the renamed ministry will be given additional responsibilities, including the carrying out of an inventory of all property (both state-owned and private) in the country and checking on how it is being utilized. It is also supposed to assume responsibility for lawyers, notaries, and civil-registration offices. Taganmyrat Gochyev was appointed minister. He has been running the Justice Ministry for the last six months as first deputy minister, whereas, the post of justice minister has been vacant for more than three years (RFE/RL).