Constitution of the Republic of San Marino (1974) (excerpts)

LAW No. 59 of 8 July 1974

(published in the official gazette (Albo del Pubblico Palazzo) on 17 July 1974)

Declaration of Citizens' Rights and of the fundamental principles of the San Marinese legal order


Article 4

Everyone shall be equal before the law, without any distinction as to personal, economic, social, political or religious status. All citizens shall be eligible for public or elected office, according to the rules laid down by law.


Article 6

The Republic recognises civil and political liberties for all. The following shall be guaranteed, in particular: liberty of person and sanctity of the home, freedom of residence and of emigration, freedom of association, freedom of expression, freedom of conscience and religion. Privacy of communications, in whatever form, shall be safeguarded. The exercise of such rights may be limited by law only in exceptional circumstances and on serious grounds of public order or public interest.