Constitution of the Republic of Malta (1964, amended 2016) (excerpts)


The Malta Independence Order, 1964, as amended by Acts: XLI of 1965, XXXVII of 1966, IX of 1967, XXVI of 1970,

XLVII of 1972, LVII, LVIII.1974,XXXVIII of 1976, X of 1977, XXIX of 1979, IV of 1987, XXIII of 1989;Proclamations Nos. II and VI of 1990;

Acts XIX of 1991, IX of 1994; Proclamations IV of 1995 and III of 1996; Acts: XI of 1996, XVII of 1997,

III of 2000, XIII of 2001, V of 2003, XIV and XXI of 2007, XX of 2011, VII and X of 2014, XXIV of 2015, and XLIV of 2016




(1) The religion of Malta is the Roman Catholic Apostolic Religion.

(2) The authorities of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church have the duty and the right to teach which principles are right and which are wrong.

(3) Religious teaching of the Roman Catholic Apostolic Faith shall be provided in all State schools as part of compulsory education.



(1) All persons in Malta shall have full freedom of conscience and enjoy the free exercise of their respective mode of religious worship.

(2) No person shall be required to receive instruction in religion or to show knowledge or proficiency in religion if, in the case of a person who has not attained the age of sixteen years, objection to such requirement is made by the person who according to law has authority over him and, in any other case, if the person so required objects thereto: Provided that no such requirement shall be held to be inconsistent with or in contravention of this article to the extent that the knowledge of, or the proficiency or instruction in, religion is required for the teaching of such religion, or for admission to the priesthood or to a religious order, or for other religious purposes, and except so far as that requirement is shown not to be reasonably justifiable in a democratic society.