Constitution of Georgia (1995, amended 2013) (excerpts)




Article 9

1. The State shall declare absolute freedom of belief and religion. At the same time, the State shall recognise the outstanding role of the Apostolic Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Georgia in the history of Georgia and its independence from the State.

2. Relations between the State of Georgia and the Apostolic Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Georgia shall be governed by Constitutional Agreement. Constitutional Agreement shall be in full compliance with the universally recognised principles and norms of international law, specifically in terms of human rights and fundamental freedoms.


Article 14

Everyone is born free and is equal before the law regardless of race, colour of skin, language, sex, religion, political or other opinions, national, ethnic and social affiliation, origin, property or social status, place of residence.


Article 19

1. Everyone has the right to freedom of speech, thought, conscience, religion, and belief.

2. No one shall be persecuted because of his/her speech, thought, religion or belief, or be compelled to express his/her opinion about them.

3. Freedoms listed in this article may not be restricted unless expression thereof infringes on the rights of others