Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria (1991, amended 2015)  (excerpts)

Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria

established by the Grand National Assembly on 12 July, 1991.


Art. 11.

(4) There shall be no political parties on ethnic, racial or religious lines, nor parties which seek the violent seizure of state power. (…)


Art. 13.

(1) The practicing of any religion shall be unrestricted.

(2) Religious institutions shall be separate from the State.

(3) Eastern Orthodox Christianity shall be considered the traditional religion in the Republic of Bulgaria.

(4) Religious institutions and communities, and religious beliefs shall not be used to political ends. (…)


Art. 37.

(1) The freedom of conscience, the freedom of thought and the choice of religion and of religious or atheistic views shall be inviolable. The State shall assist the maintenance of tolerance and respect among the believers from different denominations, and among believers and non-believers.

(2) The freedom of conscience and religion shall not be practised to the detriment of nation