Unofficial translation

Liability for Damages (Consolidation) Act

No. 885 of 20 September 2005


Section 1

A party, who is liable in damages for personal injury shall pay compensation for loss of earnings, recovery costs and other losses resulting from the injury together with compensation for pain and suffering. If the injury has had lasting consequences, compensation shall also be paid for permanent injury and loss or impairment of earning capacity.


Section 26

(1) A person, who is responsible for the unlawful violation of another party’s freedom, peace, honour or person shall pay the aggrieved party compensation for injury to feelings or reputation.

(2) When compensation is fixed, importance can be attached to the violation being committed by means of a crime that involved an infringement of the provisions of part 23 or 24 of the Penal Code.

(3) Even if no injury to feelings or reputation was suffered, the person responsible for an unlawful violation against another party shall pay the aggrieved party compensation, however, if the violation was committed by means of a crime that involved a particularly gross attack on another party’s person or freedom.