O F  T H E  R E P U B L I C  O F  M O L D O V A

adopted on 29 July 1994, amended and supplemented on 5 July 2000


Article 32. Freedom of opinion and expression

(1) Every citizen shall be guaranteed the freedom of thought and opinion, as well as the freedom of expression in public by way of word, image or any other means possible.

(2) The freedom of expression may not prejudice the honour, dignity or the right of the other person to hold his/her own viewpoint.

(3) The law shall forbid and prosecute all actions aimed at denying and slandering of the State and people, the instigation to sedition, war of aggression, national, racial or religious hatred, the incitement to discrimination, territorial separatism, public violence, or other manifestations encroaching upon the constitutional regime.


Article 40. Freedom of assembly

Meetings, demonstrations, rallies, processions or any other assembly shall be free and may be organized and conducted only peacefully and without the use of any weapon whatsoever.


Article 54. Restriction on the exercise of certain rights or freedoms

(1) In the Republic of Moldova no law may be adopted which might curtail or restrict the fundamental rights and liberties of the person and citizen.

(2) The pursuit of the rights and freedoms may not be subdued to other restrictions unless for those provided for by the law, which are in compliance with the unanimously recognized norms of the international law and are requested in such cases as: the defence of national security, territorial integrity, economic welfare of the State, public order, with the view to prevent the mass revolt and felonies, protect other persons' rights, liberties and dignity, impede the disclosure of confidential information or guarantee the power and impartiality of justice.

(3) The provisions under paragraph (2) shall not allow the restrictions of the rights sanctioned in Articles 20-24.

(4) The restriction enforced must be proportional to the situation that caused it and may not affect the existence of that right or liberty.

(Article 54 amended by the Law no. 351-XV of 12 July 2001)