(ratified by the President and stamped)

16 October 1999

Decision #632 of the RoA government

16 October 1999


Re: duties of the state institution of the Republic of Armenia responsible for refugee issues


In accordance with the Refugee Law of RoA, the government of the Republic of Armenia has decided:

1. Department on Migration and Refugees of the RoA government shall be responsible for the implementation of the provisions of the RoA Refugee Law, including recognition of a refugee status, rejection, application of cessation and termination of the refugee status in the territory of the Republic of Armenia. The RoA Ministry of Interior shall be responsible for giving the refugee certificates and travel documents, in accordance with article 4 of the Law.

2. This Decision shall enter into force on 16 October, 1999.

(Signed by RoA Prime Minister and stamped)