Constitutional Act of Denmark of June 5, 1953


§ 78

(1) Citizens shall, without previous permission, be free to form associations for any lawful purpose.

(2) Associations employing violence, or aiming at the attainment of their object by violence, by instigation to violence, or by similar punishable influence on persons holding other views, shall be dissolved by court judgement.

(3) No association shall be dissolved by any government measure; but an association may be temporarily prohibited, provided that immediate proceedings be taken for its dissolution.

(4) Cases relating to the dissolution of political associations may, without special permission, be brought before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Realm.

(5) The legal effects of the dissolution shall be determined by statute.

§ 79

Citizens shall, without previous permission, be at liberty to assemble unarmed. The police shall be entitled to be present at public meetings. Open-air meetings may be prohibited when it is feared that they may constitute a danger to the public peace.

§ 85

The provisions of sections… 78, and 79 shall be applicable only to the defence forces, subject to such limitations as are consequential to the provisions of military laws.