Unofficial translation

Law on Aliens of the Republic of Macedonia

Entered into force: 1 April 2006

Becomes applicable: 1 April 2007

Official Gazette no. 35/06 (23 March 2006)


Temporary residence for victims of trafficking in human beings

Article 81: Period of decision-making

(1) An alien, for whom there are grounds of suspicion to be a victim of the criminal act “trafficking in human beings” as stipulated in the Criminal Code, shall be enabled to bring a decision within a period of maximum 2 (two) months with a view to providing him/her protection and assistance in the process of recovery as well as avoiding influences from the perpetrators of such a crime. Within this period, the victim is to decide on either to co-operate with the competent authorities in detection of crimes and perpetrators or to return to the country that s/he is national or permanent resident of.