Adopted on 24 August 1995

Last amendment 27.12.2005, # 2496



Georgian Citizenship.

Basic Rights and Freedoms of Individual


Article 26

1. Everyone shall have the right to form and to join public associations, including trade unions.

2. Citizens of Georgia shall have the right to form a political party or other political association and participate in its activity in accordance with the Organic Law.

3. The formation and activity of such public and political associations aiming at overthrowing or forcibly changing the constitutional structure of Georgia, infringing upon the independence and territorial integrity of the country or propagandising war or violence, provoking national, local, religious or social animosity, shall be impermissible.

4. The creation of armed formations by public and political associations shall be impermissible.

5. A person who is enrolled in the personnel of the armed forces or the forces of the bodies of internal affairs or a person having been designated as a judge or a prosecutor shall cease his/her membership of any political association. (23.12.2005, # 2494)

6. Suspension or prohibition of the activity of public or political associations shall be possible only under a court decision, in the cases determined by the Organic Law and in accordance with a procedure prescribed by law.