Constitution of Finland of 11 June 1999

(731/1999, amendments up to 1112 / 2011 included)


Section 13 - Freedom of assembly and freedom of association

Everyone has the right to arrange meetings and demonstrations without a permit, as well as the right to participate in them.

Everyone has the freedom of association. Freedom of association entails the right to form an association without a permit, to be a member or not to be a member of an association and to participate in the activities of an association.

The freedom to form trade unions and to organise in order to look after other interests is likewise guaranteed.

More detailed provisions on the exercise of the freedom of assembly and the freedom of association are laid down by an Act.


Section 23 - Basic rights and liberties in situations of emergency (1112/2011, entry into force 1.3.2012).

Such provisional exceptions to basic rights and liberties that are compatible with Finland's international human rights
obligations and that are deemed necessary in the case of an armed attack against Finland or in the event of other situations
of emergency, as provided by an Act, which pose a serious threat to the nation may be provided by an Act or by a
Government Decree to be issued on the basis of authorisation given in an Act for a special reason and subject to a precisely
circumscribed scope of application. The grounds for provisional exceptions shall be laid down by an Act, however.
Government Decrees concerning provisional exceptions shall without delay be submitted to the Parliament for
consideration. The Parliament may decide on the validity of the Decrees.