Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan related to trafficking in human beings

I. Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Migration of the Population" – 13 December 1997, No. 204-1

II. Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan – 16 July 1997, No. 167-1

Articles providing for responsibility for crimes committed as various aspects of trafficking:

Article 128: Recruitment of persons for purposes of exploitation

Article 126: Illicit deprivation of liberty

Article 132: Involvement of minors in the commission of antisocial activities

Article 133: Trade in minors

Article 270: Involvement in the occupation of prostitution

Article 271: Organization or maintenance of brothels for the purpose of prostitution and procurement

Article 324: Theft or damage of documents, stamps, seals

Article 325: Production, manufacture, or sale of counterfeit documents, stamps, seals, forms, public awards

Article 330: Intentional illicit crossing of guarded state borders of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Articles which could be applicable in concrete cases falling under the definition of trafficking:

Article 96: Murder

Article 102: Leading someone to suicide

Article 103: Intentional causing of severe bodily harm

Article 104: Intentional causing of less severe bodily harm

Article 105: Intentional causing of minor bodily harm

Article 106: Beating

Article 107: Torture

Article 112: Threats

Article 115: Infection with venereal disease

Article 116: Infection with human immuno-deficiency virus (HIV/AIDS)

Article 117: Illicit carrying out of abortions

Article 119: Abandonment into danger

Article 120: Rape

Article 121: Violent acts of a sexual nature

Article 122: Sexual intercourse and any acts of a sexual nature with persons not yet 16 years of age

Article 123: By way of force - sexual intercourse, sodomy, lesbianism, or any acts of a sexual nature

Article 124: Corruption of minors

Article 125: Kidnapping

Article 130: Insult

Article 131: Involvement of minors in criminal activities

Article 138: Improper fulfillment of duty to provide security for the life and health of children.

Article 139: Abuse of rights by guardians or trustee

Article 182: Causing property damage by means of deception or breach of confidence

Article 187: Intentional destruction or damage of someone else’s property

Article 261: Inducement to use of narcotics or psychotropic substances

III. Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan on administrative offences, 30 January 2001, No. 155-II

Articles applicable to individual schemes of trafficking:

Article 87: Violations of labour legislation

Article 89: Violations of rules of labour protection

Article 112: Leading of minors into an intoxicated state

Article 347: Provision of false information to the mass media

IV. Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On State Protection of Persons Participating in Criminal Procedures" - 5 July 2000, No. 72-2

V. Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Labour in the Republic of Kazakhstan" – 10 December 1999, No. 493-1

VI. Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Employment of the Population" – 23 January 2001, No. 149-II