Law the Saeima Rules of Procedures



Art. 18

(1) A deputy who has been convicted of a crime shall be considered expelled from the Saeima as of the date when the court judgment comes into force.

(2) A deputy may be expelled from the Saeima by the Saeima decision if, upon approval of his/her credentials, it is found that he/she:

1) has been elected in violation of the provisions of the Saeima Election Law;
2) has no command of the State language at the level necessary for the performance of his/her professional duties;
3) holds a position which is conflicting with the mandate of a deputy;
4) during the period of a current session has been absent from more than half of all the Saeima sittings without a valid excuse;
5) has committed a crime in an irresponsible state or, after committing the crime, has become mentally ill which made him/her unable to be aware of his/her action or to control it;
6) has been legally qualified as incapacitated.

Art 50.

(1) Reviewal of matters at the meetings of the Saeima and its Committees shall be held in the state language.

(2) Draft laws, independent motions and other draft resolutions, interpellations questions and proposals as well as the documents attached shall be submitted in the state language.