Act on Identification Designation for Legal Entities (1974:174)

("Lag om identitetsbeteckning för juridiska personer m.fl.")

unofficial translation

(excerpts, emphasis added)

1 § The numeric identification designation (organization number) shall be established for

1. joint-stock companies, European companies (SE) and European cooperative societies (SCE) with seats in Sweden, trading companies, economic association and joint associations,

2. social insurance office, unemployment benefit fund, relief associations and other common establishment that according to law or other regulation is under public supervision,

3. municipality, county council, municipal association and other bodies for cooperation between municipalities, and

4. registered religious body and its organisational parts, and

5. foundations. (Act 2010:70)

2 § The organization number shall be established for other legal entities than intended in §1 when the state authority, with which the legal entity is registered or has a case pending, requires this. In addition, the organization number can be established for a legal entity that applies for it.