As a part of the government commission to the police of 16 December 1997 to fight against violence against women the National Police Board will be the body that submits national reports and will within the Swedish police have the international responsibility as regards "Trafficking in women". The commission implies the collection of information about trafficking in women in Sweden and between Sweden and other countries and about the possibilities of preventing and fighting against this trade. The commission also involves regular reports to the government. The National Police Board has commissioned the National Criminal Investigation Department to execute the commission.

"Trafficking" refers to trade in women with the purpose of exploiting them sexually. However, experience shows that trafficking is a multifaceted and international social problem, closely associated with prostitution, and that the tasks and responsibility of the police only concern a part of the problem and that the opposite interests to a certain extent demand external co-operation as regards the protection of the women concerned.

Within the police, this commission demands increased knowledge, a continuous follow-up and analysis of the situation and an extended network of information within and outside the National Criminal Investigation Department.

The Commission demands an active, trusting, rational and effective co-operation with the police authorities in Sweden, foreign police organisations and external groups and networks of experts.


Within the National Criminal Investigation Department the head unit for criminal intelligence service, the division for the fight against illegal immigration has the main responsibility for the execution of the commission. Other units at the National Criminal Investigation Department are to assist the division, above all the division for special objects that has the main responsibility for the fight against commercial exploitation of children. Co-operation is also to take place with the main unit for investigation/surveillance.

The National Criminal Investigation Department is to inform, nationally and internationally, about the commission and the measures that it will demand from a Swedish police aspect.

Based upon Swedish interests, the National Criminal Investigation Department, in co- operation with external bodies, is to identify and characterised the existence of "Trafficking in women". This implies that the National Criminal Investigation Department at the same time centrally within the police puts together and analyses the police reports concerning prostitution. Here, co-operation with the National Board of Health and Welfare ought to take place.

The National Criminal Investigation Department is to play a leading role nationally in qualifications development within the field in question and in collecting information about the judicial system, experiences, knowledge, practice and working methods of other countries and also in providing a well working exchange of information within the Swedish police-system.