Section 311 Terrorist Attack

(1) Whoever with the intention to impair the constitutional system or defence capabilities of
the Czech Republic, disrupt or destroy the base political, economic or social structure of the
Czech Republic or an international organisation, seriously terrify the population or illegally
make the government or another public authority or an international organisation to act, omit
or tolerate something,
a) performs an attack threatening human life or health with the intention to cause death
or grievous bodily harm,
b) seizes hostages or commits kidnapping,
c) destroys or damages in larger extent a public facility, transportation or communication
system including an information system, a fixed platform on continental shelf,
energetic, water-work, medical or other important facility, public area or property with
the intention to jeopardise human lives, security of such a facility, system or area or to
expose property to risk of extensive damage,
d) disrupts or interrupts supply of water, electricity or other fundamental natural resource
with the intention to jeopardise human lives or to expose property to risk of extensive
e) hijacks an aircraft, ship or another means of personal or cargo transportation or
exercises control over it, or destroys or seriously damages navigation device or in
larger extent interferes with its operation or communicate a false important
information by which he/she jeopardises life or health of people, security of such
means of transportation, or exposes property to risk of extensive damage,
f) wrongfully manufactures or otherwise obtains, handles, imports, transports, exports or
otherwise supplies or uses explosives, nuclear, biological, chemical or other weapon
or means of combat or explosives prohibited by law or international treaty, or
g) exposes people to general risk of death or grievous bodily harm or property of another
to risk of extensive damage by causing fire or flood or detrimental effect of
explosives, gas, electricity or other similarly dangerous substances or powers or
commits other similarly dangerous conduct, or increases such a risk or aggravates its
aversion or mitigation,
shall be sentenced to imprisonment for five to fifteen years, eventually in parallel to this
sentence also to confiscation of property.
(2) The same sentence shall be imposed to anyone who threatens with conduct referred to in
Sub-section (1), whoever publically instigates commission of such conduct or whoever
financially, materially or otherwise supports a terrorist or a member of a terrorist group.
(3) An offender shall be sentenced to imprisonment for twelve to twenty years, eventually in
parallel to this sentence also to confiscation of property, or to an exceptional sentence of
imprisonment, if he/she
a) commits the act referred to in Sub-section (1) as a member of an organised group,
b) causes grievous bodily harm or death by such an act,
c) causes that a larger amount of people remained without shelter by such an act,
d) causes disruption of transportation in larger extent by such an act,
e) causes extensive damage by such an act,
f) gains for him/herself or for another extensive profit by such an act,
g) by such an act seriously jeopardises the international position of the Czech Republic
or position of an international organisation which the Czech Republic is a member of,
h) commits such an act in a state of national peril or state of war.
(4) Preparation is criminal.