Protection of national minorities

Article 14

The Republic of Serbia shall protect the rights of national minorities. The State shall guarantee special protection to national minorities for the purpose of exercising full equality and preserving their identity.


Gender equality

Article 15

The State shall guarantee the equality of women and men and develop equal opportunities policy.


Prohibition of discrimination

Article 21

All are equal before the Constitution and law.

Everyone shall have the right to equal legal protection, without discrimination.

All direct or indirect discrimination based on any grounds, particularly on race, sex, national origin, social origin, birth, religion, political or other opinion, property status, culture, language, age, mental or physical disability shall be prohibited.

Special measures which the Republic of Serbia may introduce to achieve full equality of individuals or group of individuals in a substantially unequal position compared to other citizens shall not be deemed discrimination.


Prohibition of inciting racial, ethnic and religious hatred

Article 49

Any inciting of racial, ethnic, religious or other inequality or hatred shall be prohibited and punishable.


Prohibition of discrimination against national minorities

Article 76

Persons belonging to national minorities shall be guaranteed equality before the law and equal legal protection.

Any discrimination on the grounds of affiliation to a national minority shall be prohibited.

Specific regulations and provisional measures which the Republic of Serbia may introduce in economic, social, cultural and political life for the purpose of achieving full equality among members of a national minority and citizens who belong to the majority, shall not be considered discrimination if they are aimed at eliminating extremely unfavourable living conditions which particularly affect them.