Article 1. Subject matter of the Law

The law on general education shall establish the principles of state policy for the general education system of the Republic of Armenia, legal and organisational as well as financial and economic grounds thereof, shall regulate the legal relations of natural and legal persons participating in the process of general education, shall ensure the grounds for the right to equal education for all, possibility of compulsory basic general education and free of charge secondary education enshrined by the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia. 


Article 4. State policy in the field of general education

2.1 The Republic of Armenia shall declare the universal inclusive education as a guarantee of ensuring the right of each child to education. The policy of inclusive education shall be aimed at ensuring the accessibility, opportunity of equal participation in and quality of education of each child.


Article 5. Objectives of general education and principles of state policy

2. In the field of general education, the State shall guarantee the following principles are ensured:

(2) equal opportunities for general education, accessibility, continuous and successive nature as well as compliance with the development level, characteristics and level of proficiency of learners;


Article 20. Rights and responsibilities of learners

  1. Learners shall have equal rights and responsibilities at educational institutions. Those rights and responsibilities shall be defined by law and the Statute of the educational institution.