Labour Code of Czech Republic No. 262/2006 (2006)



Section 16
(1) Employers shall ensure equal treatment for all employees as regards employee working
conditions, remuneration for work and other emoluments in cash and in kind (of monetary
value), vocational (professional) training and opportunities for career advancement
(2) Any form of discrimination in labour relations is prohibited. The terms, such as direct
discrimination, indirect discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, persecution,
an instruction to discriminate and/or incitement to discrimination, and the instances in which
different treatment is permissible, are regulated in the Anti-Discrimination Act (Note 108).
(3) Different treatment arising from the nature of occupational activities where this different
treatment is a substantial requirement necessary for work performance is not considered as
discrimination; the purpose followed by this derogation must be legitimate and
the requirement must be adequate. Measures which are justified and aimed at preventing, or
levelling out, disadvantages arising from the fact that a certain individual belongs to a group
in respect of which relevant reason is laid down in the Anti-Discrimination Act shall not be
deemed as discrimination.


Section 17
Remedial measures relating to protection against discrimination in labour relations are
regulated in the Anti-Discrimination Act.