Constitution of Mongolia (as amended in 2007) (excerpts)


Article 18
1. The rights and duties of aliens residing in Mongolia shall be regulated by the Mongolian law
and by the treaties concluded with the State of the person concerned.
2. Mongolia shall adhere to the principle of reciprocity in determining the rights and duties of
foreign nationals in an international treaty being concluded with the country concerned.
3. The rights and duties of stateless persons within the territory of Mongolia shall be determined
by the Mongolian law.
4. Aliens or stateless persons persecuted for their convictions, political or other activities
pursuing justice, may be granted asylum in Mongolia on the basis of their well-founded requests.
5. In allowing the foreign nationals and stateless persons residing in Mongolia to exercise the
basic rights and freedoms provided for in Article 16 of the Constitution, the State may establish
certain limitations upon the rights other than the inalienable rights spelt out in international
instruments to which Mongolia is a Party, out of the consideration of ensuring
the national security, populations, and public order.